Smart Othello by SmartGo

Smart Othello


Play Othello against your friends or the computer. Created by the 1992 US Othello Champion, this is the Othello app you’ve been waiting for. A powerful engine wrapped in a clean user interface. For iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Smart Othello by SmartGo


Othello has simple rules: just bracket opponent discs and flip them to your color. But proper strategy is more complex than you might think. Smart Othello makes the game enjoyable while improving your play.

  • Play the computer

    Play the computer

    With five levels to choose from, you’ll find the level that gives you the right challenge.

  • Play your friends

    Play your friends

    Play against your friends on Game Center. Work on achievements and improve your standings in the leaderboards.

  • Blunder Guard

    Blunder Guard

    The program won’t keep you from playing bad moves. But it will protect you from blunders, and teach you why those moves are not recommended.

  • Improve your play

    Improve your play

    The built-in tutorial and teaching aids will help you improve your game — advance to the next level and give your friends a good fight.

Smart Othello

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Download Smart Othello for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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