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I welcome your feedback, and I’m happy to answer any Smart Othello questions you may have. Please send your question to:

I prefer English, but also speak German, Norwegian, and some French. Questions in other languages will be handled using Google Translate and Gengo, and will take longer.

Smart Othello FAQs

How do I start a game with a friend?

Tap on New Game, then choose Game Center at the top. If your friend is listed as a recent opponent, just select them and Match. Otherwise, tap on Invite Friends, then on Invite Players, then on Invite Friends, and then you finally get to the screen where you can send an invitation to your friend. They should get that invite, and can start the game by accepting the invite. (Apple is aware of this complicated process and will hopefully improve it in future versions of iOS.)

What’s the difference between Othello and Reversi?

This is well explained in this article by former World Champion Ben Seeley. In short, Othello is a trademarked name for the game as it’s played now, while Reversi (the name of an older, inferior game) is often misused as a name for the same game.

Is there a book about Othello that will help me improve?

Yes, there are two excellent books on Othello strategy, both available for free as PDFs. The first one is “Othello: Brief and Basic” by Ted Landau; you can download it directly from his website at The second is “Othello: A Minute to Learn ... A Lifetime to Master” by Brian Rose, which you can download at

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