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I welcome your feedback, and I’m happy to answer any SmartOthello questions you may have. Please send your question to:

I prefer English, but also speak German, Norwegian, and some French. Questions in other languages will be handled using Google Translate and Gengo, and will take longer.

SmartOthello FAQs

What’s the difference between Othello and Reversi?

This is well explained in this article by former World Champion Ben Seeley. In short, Othello is a trademarked name for the game as it’s played now, while Reversi (the name of an older, inferior game) is often misused as a name for the same game.

Do I need to pay again for the Pro Pack if I bought SmartOthello 1.x?

No. If you upgrade from the paid version to the free version, you’ll automatically get all the Pro Pack features.


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